Sunday, September 2, 2012


While I mostly enjoyed my 29 consecutive days of giving, there were times when it felt like just another task to remember and take care of in a busy day.

So, now I'm in a non-giving phase. That's right. I don't have to give anything to anybody.

Except, I find, I still am.

As soon as my phase ended, I discovered that my attorney had gone to court for me on his birthday. I've mentioned how I feel about birthdays before, have I? Right, I think so. My deeply held beliefs about that combined with my excessive gratitude. The next thing I knew I was right out in a store, snapping up gift cards to his favorite restaurant (I saw him there once) and whisking them into the mail with a heartfelt note of appreciation.

That made 30 consecutive days.

And now, now, I find myself at my computer screen, with the luxury of "playing" instead of working, and I'm getting little tasks done. You know, making holiday travel reservations and finding out when the Lunar festival will be this year, that kind of thing. And I am remembering that my oldest aunt's 90th birthday will be this week. Groupon very kindly shot an FTD discount my way so I think I will go with flowers in addition to the specialty cookies she likes. She doesn't need more jewelry or other stuff to clutter her small space. But I think I'm the only one in her life who ever buys her flowers, as she never married, has no children, and the other family members are busy with their own families.

Do you like the flowers above? They were the cheapest... err... most colorful ones on the site, so I think I'll go with them. They are very cheerful aren't they? I buy flowers all the time for myself and the house. (I buy them at Trader Joe's for under $5, but they're still pretty.)

I'm not sure that I really have the hang of stopping my generosity. Oh well.

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