Thursday, September 27, 2012


The other day in the mall, my daughters and I were paying for a t-shirt and the TVs mounted in the corners of the room were playing the new Taylor Swift video. You can't go into a store that caters to teens or the young, hip shopper without blaring music, videos, or both. The lyrics caught my attention. never...ever..ever...

"Wow," I said, "she REALLY doesn't ever want to date him again." We were all bemused by the strength of her feelings, and I found myself really liking the song. It's a simple little anthem of independence. Of just being OVER it.

Today, I jumped through a certain hoop, as I do every autumn. I walked out of the building and found myself thinking, I am NEVER ever ever ever coming back into this building. Ever. This is the end of this for me. EVER!"

EVER!!! :)

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