Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chit Chat

It's a cool grey morning here. My whole family woke up slow-- sleepy and sluggish in our first-light preparations for the day. I think we're passing a mild virus around...

I really don't know what to say here, but I'm going to at least say something. I feel a bit tired and a bit empty. Not bad. Just don't feel that pressure of the spark of an idea yesterday or today.

What can I offer to make this day a little easier? (To paraphrase Bradbury). I don't know.

OMG. It has just this second started to rain!! Oh, that is just incredibly beautiful. I'm sitting at my large green desk, looking out on the view of trees and shrubs through the window and the sliding glass door. I can hear the thick drops falling, singing their song of autumn and change. Washing away any troubles or doubts. I find rain soothing and rejeuvenating, and I love to walk in it. See. I didn't know what to write and then the world gave me material.

So far today, I've started some laundry and brought all the bills up to date for this month. Ugh. That wasn't that fun. I can't complain because somehow through earnings and gifts and credit, we always have enough cash flow to fund whatever we need. But I do wish I could become less extravagant in my spending. It doesn't seem sustainable over the long term. But then, somehow it has been sustainable for the last three decades, so maybe I'm wrong to worry? Having two kids is just expensive, and I know our costs will go down once they are out of college. At least, I hope they will! :)

So, it's been an hour of math and figuring at my desk, and now a bit of a break. I finished all my work for my main supplier yesterday and I'm waiting to hear when I will get more. I don't mind being done for a bit -- and I have stuff for my other clients, plus my writing project to get going. Hopefully, she and I are meeting this week. She's a busy mom too, so I think she gets overwhelmed like I do.

What else, friends, what else?

Today is my parents' 48th wedding anniversary. We've invited them over for a home-cooked meal. My dad's big plan to celebrate -- I am not making this up -- was to go to the grocery store and use their $10 coupon to buy stuff. Yay? My mom looked pretty doubtful about that and jumped at the chance to come over here. But, hey, that's their marriage and their deal. I'll make it nice for them. We have some light wine and I'll buy flowers. I might even have a couple of little gifts I can give them. I'm making Green Chicken in the crockpot, so I'll go get that going next.

The dinner menu is:
Bleu Cheese Apple Salad
Green Chicken
Orange Carrots with Honey-Butter Glaze
Red Potatoes
Crusty Brown Rolls

(Once I had a couple of colors, I thought I should just go for it. Oh gosh, do you see the theme there? Now that I wrote it out, I do. How about Your Rainbow of Love? And I'll buy rainbow flowers and put up some streamers... Maybe a cake with a rainbow on it? Party planning is SO easy. I asked my friend the bride about her wedding decor and she said she thought that the hotel coordinator and the florist would handle it. What?? She THOUGHT? She's not even sure? Isn't it great how the world is full of all different types of people for variety?)

And after cooking?

Then, I guess I'll go somewhere and write. Maybe get a nice croissant and a cup of coffee. That sounds yummy on a rainy morning. I've got proposals and research. Plus I'm starting to do character sketches for my new project of children's stories.

Til Later, alligators...

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