Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rat Baths, Taxes, and Work

I've driven 30 miles today, to a charming village where I am working outside, sipping coffee and eating a mid-morning cheese croissant. Just because I could.

One of the things I adore most about my weeks are the amazing flexiblity I have day to day. It's ruining me for ever having a standard, "normal" job again, I'm afraid.

I'm using the setting and the drive just to clear my head, and focus my thoughts around my work life. Yesterday, I wrote my first ever business plan, putting into words ideas that I've had and concepts I've been using anyway. I sent it off to my former boss and I'm waiting to hear back to see if she's in on it with me. If she's not, then I'll take the plan and go it alone with my own special business.

I'm pretty happy because all my musing yesterday about savings and Roth IRAs and finances led me to a few insights. For one thing, I realized that our new rats are really not pets. I purchased them specifically for the writing I am currently doing, and that makes them a writing business expense. Especially since I am photographing them for future use with illustrations, as well as observing their mannerisms and behavior on a daily basis. That means that I can hire B to care for them, count her income as a business expense, and provide her with a small amount of annual income to get her started saving. Yay!

The rats are just adorable. I haven't said much else about Phoebe, but she and the babies are so cute. We get them out of their cage for at least an hour every day. For reasons of sanitation, we usually keep them confined to the top of a special card table that we have designated as their playground, and which can be cleaned and put away easily. Unless we are carrying them, and they love to be carried around. I'm still being very cautious taking them around the dogs.

Oh! and the other day I tried to introduce them to our guinea pigs. I held Phoebe down for Nutmeg to smell her and when I was picking her back up, she turned around towards me, and Nutmeg chomped a bite on her tail!! That was so mean! So I guess they're natural competitors more than potential friends. Good story idea there though. I'm collecting all the ideas I can.

This morning I let Phoebs run around on the counter next to the sink while I was washing the breakfast dishes. She thought that was kind of cool, although she seemed a bit concerned that I might be about to give her another bath.

(That was an experience. About two weeks ago, we bathed all three rats in the bathroom sinks. They were less than thrilled, and had a very desperate, drowned rat look about them as they clambered to climb away.)

I was supposed to go to Nordstom next today, but I'm running out of time and I don't feel like rushing. I have somthing to return, am still looking for silver bridesmaid shoes, and, now, I'm on special assignment for my sister-in-law. She has asked the girls and me to shop for her on her dime and provide her with a variety of updated looks in new styles!! Right up my alley as a fun hobby!

But I think I'll stay here til noon, and go shopping a different day. Then I can't accidentally spend any more money. I did put our $100 into savings again this morning, and next I have to work at earning it back.

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