Monday, September 3, 2012

Like a Purple Dream

With the other areas of my life settling down...

...I finally got to go in and get fitted for my bridesmaid dress!! I wanted the girls to go with me -- thought they'd enjoy the bridal shop scene -- so I waited for a day off when we had some free time. My friend kind of freaked me out by telling me to make an appointment -- I kept putting it off because I really am not the best at tying myself down to being in one certain spot at one certain time, especially on leisure days. Then I had an a-ha moment where I realized that an appointment wasn't really necessary. I realized that the clerks were there anyway and that if I just showed up and said I was there to see my dress style and I had a credit card to pay them, that they were very likely to make some time for me.

And that's exactly the way it worked out. We had a nice lunch at Nordstrom*, then browsed around the mall in a leisurely fashion, then went to the bridal shop. Very relaxed and fun.

I don't exactly love the dress. I would have gone with something with even more style and detail, especially around the hem. But it is MY dress, and I GET TO BE A BRIDESMAID! Tra la la!!!

Also, it's not terrible. The fit is pretty flattering, and the color (eggplant, a deep, rich purple) is great for me. I think I was probably one of the happiest bridesmaids they have ever seen come through there.

I was a bit worried about having to order the size so far ahead. In general, my weight and shape is fairly stable. But I'm pretty sure that this wedding and the general upward trend in my life is going to encourage me to exercise a lot more in the next five months. Hopefully they can do alterations right up until the wedding. I might just have to pay more.

Now I need silver strappy shoes, and I have to find out what she wants with our hair. I'll see if I can hire my stylist to do it for me. And I need to go to some make-overs for photo make-up. Usually I just wear it the same way all the time, sort of simple-casual. AND I need to see if the bride wants help with theme or decor as the girls and I are practically experts at that kind of thing.

In the car, the girls were asking me, Mom, do we get dresses? What's her theme?

I replied, Um, I don't think she has a theme. Just "wedding."

They were horrified. No theme. You can't have a party without a theme. How will she pull the look together? Tell her to talk to us, Mom. We've been doing this since we were five.

And you know -- they have.

I wanted to cut and paste the dress photo here, but the best I can do is a link to the website. If you click on the Color tab, eggplant is the purple square on the bottom row. It's kinda fun to change the colors around. Well, I think it's kinda fun...

* It was the first time we've been back to Nordstrom cafe since I wrote that nice note. The manager took our order personally. Then when we left after lunch, he followed us out into the store just to thank us again. He said that it went to all of his bosses and it made a huge impression! That's nice to hear. He's a good guy running a good business, and he deserves the recognition.

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