Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Being Productive

My day is well underway now. I'm getting oodles of little things done. Read a few useful blogs, prepped some business correspondence. Now I'm teaching myself how to make a brochure. I need to create promotional materials to accompany a new program I'm describing for a client.

I'm at CBTL. Although I'm a big fan of their gift card discount program, I don't usually come to the ones closest to my house. I'm not sure why. I just don't think of them as good places to hang out -- I think I've had some bad experiences with unpleasant secondhand smoke that biased my perceptions. But so far so good today, and it is handily close by.

Gosh. I am SUCH a shopper. I dropped by the post office to mail a letter. I needed to look for shipping options for my new business venture. So while I was there I bought on-sale folding boxes. Boxes!! Is there anything I will not buy if you put it at half price? But they were pre-printed like wrapping paper and they're really cute. If I don't need them to ship stuff, I can just stick Christmas presents in them with an instant wrapping effect. So they're worth it. Yeah.

I guess I can call that my extravagance of the day and go home now.

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