Sunday, September 2, 2012

Goal Setting

I'm still using my space here to reflect on the recent past and the possible future.

Back in April, I had lunch with my boss and followed a path of open honesty. The energy of that prompted me to re-evaluate where I was in my life, and where I would like to go. On Friday, April 13th, I set some intentions for the year, and I put them out in writing, expecting 2012 to be miraculous.

And indeed, it has!!

Four days from that post, my attorney called me and said that it was time to move forward. I'd been waiting for that call for years. It was almost as if by setting my intention, I opened myself to a tremendous energy in life that was just waiting to express itself.

I had four major goals in April -
To gain total legal freedom - I am already halfway there and more. I truly believe that the October date will wrap this all up. Which still makes me so buzzy-excited I can hardly breathe!!

To get fit and in shape - I'm working on that one. I have done a good job of adding more yoga classes to my weeks, and I am getting more fit. I've reduced my claories per day somewhat and I am seeing slow - very slow- progress. Since July, I've managed to move about 2 pounds. I expect that to accelerate as more things in my life feel resolved. I've known for a while now that I'm not that fond of losing ANYTHING so I tend to resist. I have a much stronger energy of providing and keeping and over-abundance. My losses in life have hurt and so my body tries to protect me from that. But, really, I would be okay with being leaner. Really.

To have a lot of money - Work has been surprisingly steady this year. Now that I'm back in the flow with school, I plan to pick up more hours. I'm meeting with my boss this week, and I'm actively thinking of new occupation possibilities. Besides simply putting in more hours with the clients I already have, I plan to mail out solicitation letters to targeted nonprofits. (Giveback). I'm going to invest some time in writing the first drafts of the children's stories I've been shaping in my mind, so that they're ready for submission in 2013. I have three books stacked on the floor right now that could help me here- one on writing for children, and two on re-inventing your career after setbacks, so I can commit to read those this month. I'm making $2000 per month now, and I want to move that to $5000 per month, pay off those last few bills, and invest heavily towards college costs. I also thought of finding existing event planning/fundraising companies and approaching them about being an assistant. I'm really good at that kind of organizing/planning/special day work and I think it would still have a lot of flexibility suited to my lifestyle.

Reconnecting with old friends - Check and check! There is excellent progress on this one. Next to the legal resolution, this is an area of life where I feel the most growth. I've made a point since April of actively and regularly reaching out to friends and I do feel more connected in general. I'm pretty confidant that my flourishing friendships are one of the best features of my very good life. I used to approach friendship with much more need and desperation, but now I am very content. Also, friendship is an art that I much enjoy practicing -- giving the right amount of effort and time for healthy, balanced friendships to grow.


Liliane Bettencourt said...

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Marie said...


Thank you for the good advice. I will be sure to do that! Do you work with nonprofits also?