Monday, August 13, 2012

A Dream Coming True

I just had lunch with a friend and received two delightful bits of news!

First, not only are she and her boyfriend doing amazingly well after their recent get-back-together, but, BUT, they are going to get married!! In January! This is one of my dearest, dearest friends, and I have seen her go through so many relationship ups-and-downs in the last 17 years. I have never seen her as happy as she is with this guy, so I am just thrilled for her! They might even have a baby next year, too.

Second, I GET TO BE A BRIDESMAID!!!!!!! Anyone who knows me knows that this is a lifelong dream for me. I have been passed over for countless weddings because of timing, circumstances and so forth. I realized years ago that this friend was one of my best chances and I have begged her shamelessly for years to let me be in the wedding if she ever gets married. SO I AM! I am one of three bridesmaids, all her closest friends.

She told me to go get fitted for my dress. It's going to be purple, and swirly, and swishy, and gorgeous. I get to wear silver shoes. Maybe I'll get to put silver stars in my hair, or purple flowers. I have to learn to dance!!! I have to get fit!!! I have to.... well, that's about it, actually. She says she has the wedding planning well in hand. I already bought her an engagement gift that I gave her in advance for her last birthday-- a silver photo frame with the intention that she would get married before the year was out.

Ha! She said he was never going to talk to her again. Ha! She said he wasn't coming back. She still owes me a trip to Paris for that bet, although I only wanted to wager for dinner; she felt so certain she upped the stakes. That's okay. As long as I get to be IN A WEDDING!! I will let her off at that.

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