Sunday, August 19, 2012

More New Pets

Yesterday, we made a 189 mile round trip to Northern LA and picked up our new rats. Phoebe, Riley, and Bailey made the long drive home with us with no problems. They are all super-tame and friendly, and they seem to really like their new cage. (Which they should -- it's pretty much the best and biggest rat cage on the market.)

B and I have already been up and playing with them this morning. Phoebe is just over a year old, so she is big and comfortable with people. She liked climbing around on me and checking out the couch. She especially liked earning Cheerios as treats! I'm already working with her to recognize a certain sound as meaning "treat time" and on coming back to me at the sound of her name.

Bailey is a lovely, light brown with a slightly darker face. She is super active and climbs all over the cage and the backs of the furniture. She's an explorer.

Riley is white with a close-cropped fuzzy Rex coat and a light tan head. She looks like she's going to get Siamese color on her nose. She's a bit shy and unsure, and likes to be cuddled or to hide under a blanket. It was funny when she and Bailey were wrestling around, just like little puppies.

I let Phoebe have a few licks of my hot tea off of my spoon. S just watched the whole procedure with an expression of mixed bemusement and disgust. "Okay," he said. "You know that's the Rat spoon from now on right? Don't put it back with the others."

Silly man. I'll just wash it in our new dishwasher!

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