Friday, August 3, 2012

Next Tasks

After this appropriate period of writing/sulking, I've awakened my lovely, but sleepy, older daughter and told her to get a move on. She's not helping at school today, and classes don't start til Monday. But we have stuff to do!

We need to get to the Farmer's Market, the bank, now I have to go to Trader Joe's still, and I should probably feed her. Then it's rush back to get the food cooking and clean, clean, clean. Ugh. I don't like cleaning much. But I like a dirty cluttered house less so I do it.

Do you know how much WORK it is to host a dinner party?? Do you?! Let me answer -- NO, you DON'T! Because dinner parties -- and cocktail parties -- and even get-togethers are becoming a lost art. Because they are SO MUCH work. And then after a few hours of shopping, cooking and cleaning, you don't get to just flop out on the couch with a nice drink and watch Mad Men - a reward well-earned. No, you have to be polite. And attentive. And sit on the stiff chairs at the dining table and TALK to people for hours. And serve. Then wash dishes. Then clean some more.

Finally, you get to go to bed. I mean, it's good to have friends. Sometimes the meal is delicious and the conversation is great. But...still....

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