Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Apologize for My Impatience

Even with all the many lessons and opportunities that Life has so kindly offered me to practice Patience, I often fall short. I get grumpy, I get irritable, I get stressed. I've got the same addiction-prone brain as anybody else, and it wants to get things now, feel better fast, have what it likes, and so forth.

This blog is as much about immediate gratification as it is the practice of Patience. At times, I think of not writing here, of giving that space. But I love this writing. And so many interesting things keep happening to me, or thoughts come to mind that want expression.

Like today, I walked into yoga class. I'm getting a pretty regular twice weekly routine going, so the instructor smiled and said, "Hi Marie!"

And then she started talking total gibberish. Except that somehow I understood her. It was the weirdest feeling. On one hand she was stringing English words together. On the other hand, I wasn't at all sure what she meant by them in that order. And...yet...I did. I totally understood her. I was nodding in complete agreeement from the minute she started talking.

She said something along the lines of "So, is the coming Ascension rocking you as well?" And from there she talked about how feeling people like us were energetically open to it and that there would soon be a spillover and that the shift was about to happen. How she and I were sisters in that preparation and how the connection between us was so real because we are in the same place. And more like that.

It was awesome! Since I have been intentionally opening my energy and building to a big shift for the good, I was pretty excited that she was perceiving that.

Practice was great. Very mellow and not as strenuous as Tuesday. By the end I had sunk pretty deeply. I came back to myself with a profound feeling of Love and hope. Of the Okayness of everything and how it is all working out. So, it's Love, I thought. There is no greater gift than love, and you have it in your life. Surely you can let it be a positive thing?

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