Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 31 - Giving Warm Up

I guess that technically this doesn't count in my personal giving challenge. To do 29 days, I need to start with August and go from there.

But since school started today, it felt like a beginning. My husband and I dropped the girls off at their respective schools. Then we went downtown for a breakfast date. Over eggs and toast, we laughed and chatted, catching up before we separate for our respective work schedules. I especially appreciated the time together as I know that soon I'll be downtown and sitting in that same cafe all by myself, working at my writing. I like being alone, then, but I also enjoy companionship.

After breakfast, we walked around. My first gift was in the local magic shop. I bought a couple of charms that I don't really need just because I was drawn to them. So my gift was spending money to support their small business.

My second gift was cleaning. As I walked back to my car, I passed an abandoned ice cream cup sitting with two spoons in it on top of a post. It held a puddle of green mint ice cream. I scooped it up and carried it along to the next trash can. Making the city a slightly prettier place.

For my daughter's first day of school, I surprised her with her favorite fast food meal. A Boca Burger, fries and a chocolate shake -- I had it waiting for her in the car when I picked her up from day one of sixth grade.

For cleaning, I took both of our cars to the car wash. Mine was really gritty. Now they are shiny and vacuumed and feel much better to be in.

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