Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mindful Giving - Day Twenty-Two

As mentioned, I met my friend for coffee even after she kept rearranging our meeting times. I put aside both work and errands to be there with her, and freely offered her both my advice and support.

I offered to spend one afternoon a week with her daughter, trying to give her some positive activities and influences. I used to be quite good at getting along with and through to teens. I'm a lot older now and out of practice. On the other hand, my experiences have only deepened me.

I had intended to give a birthday gift to her other daughter. Unfortunately, the absence of my car for most of the afternoon meant that I couldn't buy that gift nor deliver it. I'll try to take care of that tomorrow.

I think another gift I offered today was the gift of needing my friends. I am often being thoughtful or generous to them. Today I had a minor emergency and I needed help. I think they were pleased to feel that they were paying me back for the things I have so willingly done. I sure know that I was a very cheerful receiver, deeply appreciative to feel that I could sit back and rely on them to ferry both me and my daughters around. One mom even took them out to their gymnastics class while I fetched my car.

I didn't clean anything today. I made dinner. I made my daughters clean. I helped with homework. I fixed my car. I wrote. I do see now how those little areas of clutter get out of sight and never get easily addressed. It's because there is just so much stuff on the daily radar that takes priority.

It's getting late now. Well, for me with this schedule. I finished another proposal. I'm going to eat kit kats and read Brit Chick Lit and watch tv until I go to bed.

I think tomorrow I might go to my attorney's office and get copies of all my files. I should have my own copies. We'll see. That's an emotionally draining task. On the other hand, it's a pretty good time, energetically. It might be nice to think of it as the last trip I ever, ever make there.

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