Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mindful Giving - Day Seven

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The start of school doesn't only mean early bedtimes and early mornings. It also brings with it a series of requests for money. The first is always the supplies we voluntarily provide for the classroom. Next come the PTA memberships. Then it's school photo time, with the requisite package purchases. Then the regular rotation of Scholastic book orders start up.

Sure enough, B came home from school yesterday waving a handful of pastel notices. It's PTA membership drive time, and her class gets an award if they get 180% participation. With only a minimum of grumbling, I sat down and wrote out the check for four memberships. Twenty-five more dollars for the cause of great public education.

My gift today is funds for academic activities, and also letting my daughter know that her well-being -- and her daily environment -- are a top priority for me.

Today's cleaning project rocked. Normally my tupperware cupboard is a total shambles. Containers and lids are shoved in willy-nilly, and trying to find a match is always a bit of a challenge. The very real danger of a plastic avalanche looms mightily.

This morning I had a total brainstorm. We probably have about 50 containers crammed there. I suddenly realized that we were never going to need to store THAT much food simultaneously. So I pulled everything out, clicked the pairs together, and selected the 30 best containers to stack neatly back onto the shelves. The rest I loaded into bags to donate. It looks lovely now, all linear and sorted by size. Exactly the kind of tidying I am trying to do this month!

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