Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Time Management

Good morning!

It is a good morning so far. At least, it's not bad. More good things than bad have happened that's for sure. Dinner's in the crock pot -- chicken stew again -- and I've played with Phoebe and tidied up. Texted a few friends. Arranged to babysit a sick child's sibling for my friend later this afternoon.

I was supposed to have breakfast with friends this morning, and coffee with another. It would have made the day pretty hectic, but I had them squeezed in along with some work plans. They all had to cancel. The first friend's kid is sick (see above). The second is just flaky. She's been cancelling plans on me all week. I love her but I'm not sure that I'm going to make any more plans for a while. It's a hassle when she changes her mind.

So my morning just opened up. I'm not sure what I want to do with those next three hours. I've got several proposals in the hopper and it would be great to churn them out today. I worked on one for a bit. Or I've got a new story idea, something based on the cowboy sketch I did yesterday. If I give it some time it will probably flesh itself out quickly. Or I can start writing about Phoebe - it's probably time to do that soon. Or I can run a couple of errands and get out into the cool, best part of the day. I will have time to write later while I'm babysitting this afternoon, and stuck at gymnastics during class. (Yay, by the way, they moved to a new facility and now it has a proper counter with outlets and free wifi. I used to stand up the whole time I was typing.)

This is literally the hardest part of working for me. Having too many choices and not being sure if I'm making the best decision. Seven of cups all the way. :)

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