Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Conversation in the Twenty-First Century

I continued to give small gifts throughout the day.

Before I left for my morning errands, I sent a round of texts out to my friends. Like most women I know, I love communicating by text. It's fast, it's instant, it's efficient and, for me, it's writing! i don't like talking on the phone much at all as it is such an interruption to whatever other task I am trying to accomplish. But since texting occurs at my own pace, it is a lovely way to have a conversation. I can even work or write while having a text converse since the messages wait for me until I am at a break between thoughts.

Once or twice a week, I will touch base with most of my friends. Some of them I text daily, multiple times. Others, just as the mood strikes me. Today, I dragged my sister-in-law into texting with me. Because of the cost, she and my brother are the last people I know who do not text regularly. And I'm usually a late-adopter of new technology. I mean, if you're waiting until AFTER I embrace something, you are waiting until very, very late in the game. My former cellphone was so old, it was still a flip phone. The camera was 1 megapixel. My daughters used to ask me please not to use it in front of their friends. I loaned it to a 12 year old once to call her mom, and she didn't know how to make it work. That's how old my tech stuff usually is.

So for my sister-in-law not to be accessible by text is almost contrary. And she and I REALLY need to talk more and build an even stronger friendship. So I just texted her anyway and said that she should keep count, and I will send her money at the end of the month to cover us staying in touch. We don't have the money much more than they do, but I know I'll blow through money anyway, so it seems like a worthwhile investment to me!

She seemed to appreciate it, and even texted me back. So, that is a new avenue to sharing started for us.

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