Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mid Day

I'm well into my work now. I woke up early. The alarm went off at five am. But it was still dark outside, so I quickly turned that off for another hour of sleep. Those early morning hours show me just exactly where I stand with my commitment to write more. :)

Up at a more reasonable six am, I made fresh pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. I boiled eggs, I packed lunches. I hustled everyone out of bed, with only a few threats. I put my foot down with my older daughter, who slacks off as much as we let her, and I often do let her, that she either had to clean the guinea pig cage before school or skip her after-school club. There were tears, there was shouting (from her, I was calm) but in the end, she did it. One more victory in the long collaboratively fought battle that is helping someone grow to independence. I made sure that she knows that I love and value her. She is a good kid and I am so grateful for that.

I washed dishes. I played with Phoebe. I got ready and went to yoga. A good class - we did a lot of interesting partner poses. I sweated, I relaxed. Now I'm in the cafe, the one with the good view but the dubious wifi and I'm writing/texting/blogging. Can't email well, but I'll do it back at home. Got a proposal done. That's what matters.

It may not matter that much. It may not be enough to wake you in a rush of gladness each day, or to put that spring into your step... but... it matters to me. That you're okay. That you're somewhere, still going on. Still surviving. Your grit, your determination, your talent. Your point of view. I value all those things. It comforts me to see how time changes things, and yet things that matter, endure. For what it's worth.

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