Monday, August 27, 2012

Afternoon Work

I'm trying to get an application over to my client. I thought it was due Aug 30, then I thought it had no deadline. Now I've finally researched the right webpage and I see that it actually is due Sept 1. So off it goes to get approved!

I'm in a good mood. I'm humming and my heart is light and happy. If I can get movement in these significant areas of my life, it bodes well for the outcomes of the rest of the week.

I had lunch with my friend C again today. Really, we DO seem to be dating. She's in a good mood for once, actually happy too. Even eating again. Her daughter's doing better, and that will be a long row to hoe no matter what. Her ex-boyfriend is talking to her again; they even went for coffee. But get this! After all those months of moping and sobbing and wasting away, and just being in total misery... now that he's coming back, she says he's BORING to be around. Ack! People do NOT know what they want out of life, or what will make them happy.

Part of it is that he is clearly trying to make her do all the work -- to win him back as it were-- and he is holding back on showing any interest in her or her life until then. Still, she says if she has to listen to any more stories about his triathalon training that she will scream. Part of it of course is that she has been spending so much time having coffees and meals with me. And I am just a hard act to follow, friendship-wise and conversationally. Poor guy.

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