Thursday, August 23, 2012


As you've gathered by now, I like to talk. Quite a lot actually. I'm rather good at it, and can fill a space with words and sound when I'm in the mood. :) My daughters take the brunt of that, but they are pretty good at shutting me down. I spill that communication energy over into various friends, and here, at this blog, and out into cyberspace. And, of course, my entire work is based on communicating as well-- on finding just the right words to help a client depict their mission and needs. So, that's a lot of talking.

And sometimes I make comments that I don't think through beforehand. I don't mean any offense by them. I truly just love talking to people. I am so curious about them, and their lives - how they are similar and different to my own -- and their impressions and their experiences. I really do like people. So, if I make an inadvertent comment, I'm sorry. Maybe sometimes I come off in ways I don't mean. Or maybe I come off in ways I DO mean, but someone just doesn't like my message. Okay. It's okay. So it is.

It must not be too bad because my friends keep choosing to talk to me. In fact they actively seek me out and solicit my comments. So they must be more helpful than not. I try to make my words count for something. And, the longer I live and more experiences I see, the more I sometimes value silence as well. And just simple being as opposed to talking.

I suppose there are many different ways to connect and to show that you care.

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