Monday, August 20, 2012

My Adorable New Pet is Adorable!

XXXXXXXXXX believes that our program is unique in providing both materials and experienced assistance to maintain family homes. While cities or areas sometimes make redevelopment funds available to private residences, those offers do not come with physical assistance with the labor. Our program is also the only one that brings experts and area residents together to work on a single neighborhood as a cooperative team, thus transferring applicable skills and experience to the people continuing to reside in each area.
We will consider this program a success when we have improved the home maintenance and living conditions for the maximum number of families possible with the funds allotted. Because the cost and difficulty of repairs vary from situation to situation, it is difficult to predict exactly how many families will be helped with $5,000. Past repairs under this program have ranged in cost from $100 to $2000. Our average repair cost of $200 suggests that as many as 25 low-income families will benefit from your contribution to this program.
I was trying to type:
OMG! My new rat is SOOOO adorable. I was bored sitting in here working on my proposal, so I thought that it would be fun to bring her in with me. She's really enjoying running around on my desk. She's good at exploring while staying close to me, and I'm already working to train her to come back to me when I call her name by giving her lots and lots of little treats. She's decided she likes the far corner of my desk, in between my wooden box of dustcloths and my binder. She runs over to me, grabs her cheerio, and hightails it back to the corner to gobble it up. Then she explores a bit, comes back to me and does it all again.
She only ran across the keyboard twice -- once where she sent the document I was typing to the recycle bin. But I retrieved it and kept her off and now she's got the idea to stay off of it. Except right when I opened this post, she must have realized I was writing about her. So she ran over here and put in her two cents worth with a quick cut and paste command!
My older daughter is calling me the mad ratter. She may be right. Even I can see that this is a little weird. Still though, a tiny pet to run around me while I write. Inspiring me to write stories about her?? It seems like a great idea to me!!

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