Friday, August 24, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Ahhhh.... It is Friday!

The girls are collected and safely home. I picked up more Indian food for a late lunch. I don't know why but I've been completely into Indian food lately. I've had it three times this week, and gone way over my allowance for purchases. (Big news there, huh?)

I think it's something about the spices that I'm craving. It probably ties in with the energy I'm directing out into the world.

My hair is much more lovely now, and I feel glossy. I'm not thin yet, or rich, but I can only do so much in one day. I certainly am multi-faceted and I feel very, very interesting. I interest myself most of the time, and that is what matters most. I'm meeting my friend for coffee (although I think mine will be wine) later tonight. I actually have things to talk to her about. I've been putting a lot of myself out there for others lately, and it's starting to hurt a little bit. I'm feeling vulnerable. Which reminds me of  a whole lot of things that I've learned about life and myself and I just love talking those over with a good friend, over a rich glass of wine, while men notice us laughing.

See, I feel better already!

Sometimes, you just have to shrug and say Whatever in the face of life.

I'm really looking forward to tonight and this weekend. Aside from the wine chat, I have nothing I have to do tonight, chore-wise, so I am freed up to really work. For as long as I want, even til midnight. I have three proposals that I would love to finish. On the other hand, I have a pretty good offer from my husband to spend some time with him. So I'm definitely looking forward to that, as well! ; ) Ahh, he just texted that he's on the way home.

We're driving to San Diego tomorrow to celebrate a friend's return from France. It should be an awesome day, one of those long parties she's famous for, with a mix of friends, some bbq and cheese and bottles of wine opened here and there while French and English mix in the rooms. My giving task will be easy. Among our group, we have seven birthdays in July and August so we're celebrating them all tomorrow. I have to sort out some gifts tonight! I should probably pop by Target before I get tipsy : ).

(Responsible drinking note: Actually I NEVER get tipsy drinking if I am out somewhere and have to drive. I hardly ever get tipsy even when I'm home, cause you just never know what's going to come up. So when I drive, I keep it to one drink, slowly savored. And I could totally do without it. I'm just as good with sparkling water. Just, you know, wanted you to know.)

So... yeah...that's about it. That's me. That's part of me anyway. Well, that's a small aspect of me close to the surface that I am willing to show. Yeah.

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