Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mindful Giving - Day Thirteen

Monday, August 13, 2012

My younger daughter B has picture day at school tomorrow. I actually remembered, for once, and even better, I reminded her. We spent some time looking at the various packages and "Look" options on the flyer that came home, then she needed to decide what to wear. I also offered that if she wanted to do something special with her hair she just needed to let me know ahead so I would leave time in the morning.

B loves clothes, and she has great style. I suppose when you grow up shopping as much as my girls have, you can't help but pick up a few tricks. B adores vintage clothes. She also values designer names, but she's willing to buy clothes at yard sales too. She complies quirky, comfortable, fun looks. She has a long, lean build that is perfect for showing off outfits. So, right away, she invited me into her room to go through her closet with her. My gift to her was the gift of time and attention.

Even though part of me wanted to be doing the dinner dishes and the chores, and then watching TV, I laid down on her bed and watched her model outfit after outfit. It was fun -- really just like the cliche movie scene of a girl trying on clothes. She would put on a dress or a top and shorts, then she would start dancing around and trying it out. She would pull a scarf off the rack on the back of her door, or a few necklaces out of a box, or wrap a belt around her waist and pull it all together. I even took photos of each outfit so she could compare. She really does have quite an eye for shape and color -- I've known that for years. B is my child who can walk into a room, spend ten minutes straightening and rearranging things, and leave it looking like a magazine photo. She just has that knack. Each outfit went straight onto the floor, and by the end of the half hour there was a huge pile of stuff! We thought she wanted to wear blue to bring out her eyes, but instead she picked a forest green tank with a filmy grey-tan-green plaid top over it, and four silver necklaces and huge silver hoop earrings. She clipped her hair up in an adorable sloppy twist, with pieces framing her face. She looked so cute -- age appropriate but interesting and layered. I gave her a big hug, and left her to clean up her floor!


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