Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today I am just really tired. The stress of the week is starting to wear me down. I'm hopeful for a good outcome, but more than anything now, I just need an outcome.

I'm ready to have the whole day going on and then behind me, instead of looming before me. I realized last night that I don't have an appropriate outfit. I thought I did. I really didn't want to go shopping, but now it looks like I have to. And all by myself too, and not even in the mood for it. That's no fun.

I'm trying to get up the courage/energy to pop into my attorney's office and pick up my copies. I know I should just tackle it and I probably will -- as soon as I settle myself down with a few minutes of cleaning out my inbox and taking care of minor work tasks. That will get my checklist energy going and then I can keep working down the list. I've got some bill stuff to do today too, catch the checkbook up and what not.

I hope I sleep better tonight than last night.

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