Monday, August 13, 2012

Mindful Giving - Day Eleven

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My family and I really enjoy eating lunch at the Cafe at Nordstrom when we get a chance. We've gone there often enough recently that the staff recognizes us by sight and waves greetings from all over the restaurant. The manager has liked us ever since we had a birthday party there that brought in new business.

A few weeks ago, I got the idea that I should write a complimentary letter expressing how much we enjoy eating there. I got the name and email of the regional manager. Today, I made the time to sit down and write out a nice three paragraph letter. I praised the food, the ambiance, the service and the management. It felt great to say nice things about people. I really enjoyed the little exercise in writing, and sent it off into the ether feeling very good about my gift for the day.

(Post Script - Not only did I enjoy this letter, I got two very nice emails back, thanking me for taking the time to document my good experiences in writing. Awwwww - it's so warm and fuzzy.)

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