Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mindful Giving - Day Eight

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My middle school daughter is in a leadership-type class, where she helps with school activities and building spirit. That's why she was one of a select dozen invited to help out the week before school opened. It's quite amazing and gratifying really -- after all those years of teaching eighth grade where I had some shining, stand-out students, now my own daughter is one of those super-enjoyable, bright teens. I don't know where the time has slipped away to; it's strange. :)

Anyway, this class provides treats and incentives for spirit rallies, special lunches and as rewards for good grades to the student body. For today's gift, I purchased two Starbucks gift cards and sent them to school with J for her to donate towards those prizes. See, I told you the start of the year is a nonstop cash flow!

I haven't cleaned any extra, tangible area in my house yet today. Of course I've done meals and dishes and laundry and all the normal stuff. But I did spend several hours this morning going through bills and financials and making necessary phone calls. It makes life more organized and livable, so I think it counts. For some reason, even though I love people, I do NOT enjoy making those kinds of calls. I always get nervous even when it's the most routine business. So I pat myself on the back when I persevere with it anyway.

Oh, and I went to the water department to check on July's bill. I walked into this beautiful empty waiting area, with a single employee sittting among a sea of desks on the other side of a safety-glass wall. She leapt to her feet as if she was thrilled to see another person at her job, her long, black hair swishing behind her.

"I just wanted to make sure that we paid our bill for last month?" I began.

She: "Is your water still on?"

Me: "Yes."

She: "Then you paid your bill."

Very simple. Turns out that the bills are on two month cycles. Uh, yeah, I think I knew that. So it's okay that I paid in June but not July. I'll just go back home now, and leave you to your workday...

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