Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adorable Rat Alert

Okay, I know this is just over the top --

but Phoebe is so, so, so terribly cute!!

She's medium and light grey (called blue) with a white belly patch shaped a bit like the continental US. She has white hands that look like gloves, and white feet and legs that look like little boots. Her eyebrows are light grey and so is the patch around her nose.

I've had her out for the last hour, letting her roam around my desk while I work. She seems really, really happy here. She roams around and then comes right back to me. If nothing else, she's learning that I'm a reliable source of rice krispies and cheerios, especially when she hears her name. While I was petting her, she curled up under my hand and did the rat equivalent of purring. It's called bruxing - a very fast chatter of her teeth -- and she even boggled her eyes at me which usually means extreme contentment. Then she went behind my laptop and curled up next to the pencil sharpener. And actually fell asleep. Awwwww. How cute is that?!

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