Friday, August 24, 2012

Mindful Giving - Day Twenty-Four

My gift today is to myself. Even though it's hard for me to sit still that long, I put aside the last four hours to get my hair freshly colored and styled. I have to drag myself away from my writing to get to my stylist's salon in her house, but, ultimately, it is so worth it.

She's a fabulous colorist. I look younger and brighter. My locks are now honeyed auburn with shades of whiskey and caramel. They swish softly around my face, and make me look amazing.

I'm making every effort to put my very best foot forward next week.

Next week!! Six days to go!!!! I am soooooo excited!

In the background of the house, I could hear Harrison Ford in BladeRunner. Made the whiskey tones seem all the more fitting. ; )

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