Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OMG Yahoo why do you hate me?

You know who's not my friend? Yahoo. With their stupid teaser headlines, their ridiculous articles that are almost never pertinent to my life, and their distracting photos, they just want to lure me away from my work. I have no time to sit at this computer if I'm not producing something of quality -- or at least enjoying myself. Yahoo's junk is the equivalent of eating Ding Dongs -- sort of bitter, completely artificial, and absolutely unsatisfying but almost impossible to resist! And the videos are the worst!! I hate the videos. Seconds of my life gone to pointless loading, then the useless ad, the overloud, over-cheery delivery. Yuck.

I really, really try to resist, but it's hard when it's right there in front of my face day in and day out.

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