Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mindful Giving - Day Twenty-Eight

A few weeks ago, I met a friend for a strategy session. She was jobless, out of money, and getting desperate. She wanted my help to get her moving in new directions. She decided to apply for a university job training program, so we completed the application together on my laptop. Just as we finished, she got a call from her former employer, offering her a chance at a different position.

After a few nail-biting weeks, all the details have fallen into place, and I'm glad to report that my friend is starting in her new position this week. She is so happy to have something to occupy her days, and so relieved to be able to start paying down her bills.

Still, I received an email from the university asking me to evaluate her as a candidate for admission. So, today, I spent a good bit of time serving as my friend's reference. I answered a whole bunch of questions about her and gave her a really good recommendation. That way if she gets into the program, she can decide if she wants to train for a back-up career, just in case.

She is a wonderful woman, and it was a pleasure to say nice things about her.

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