Monday, August 20, 2012


Suddenly... I feel just a bit better. I smile. See, there's a bit of a lift to the day. I feel like I matter, like what I'm doing does matter. I feel hopeful, again. (Gosh, you just can't get that hopefulness out of me, can you? It's like an inherent trait with me, like the color of my eyes or my love of pastries.)

I can't solve everything. Often I think I can't solve anything. Even when I might want to. I respect and validate the loving intention behind the urge to make things better for those I care about, even while reminding myself that the ultimate way to show respect is to honor people's rights to choose their own paths through life.

Still... though... there are some things that I think are nice. There are things that work for me to make me feel better.

I like to...
make soup with lots of cut up vegetables and let it cook for a long time.
take walks and breathe the morning air
sit facing the sun and simply be
help others
make a phone call to a friend
make up a job when I don't have "real" work
make up a list of productive tasks to be my "work" when I don't have made-up work
dress up
wear make up and perfume
sing along to music
put flowers on my desk
play with my pets
go buy anything, anywhere - groceries, paper towels, coffee, gum, clothes - whatever
write anything :)

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