Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Here's another quote from Frost that I saw this morning:

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.”

That turned out to be so true for me today. So much for my thought that I would spend the morning alone and working. No sooner did I complete that post than my friend texted back to get coffee with her right away. So I did.

We had a long talk about her daughter, and I'm trying to figure out some ways to get more involved in her life and give her a little more structure and some different adult perspective.

Then I drove over to pick up my daughter from school. Where my car promptly died. It drove fine, it parked, we got in. Nothing happened. Uh-oh...

I called my friends, I sent my daughter home with one. I got another to pick up my other one. I called AAA, I called my mechanic and told them to expect my car (most likely for a starter). My friend brought lunch back to me along with a big iced tea. The mechanic arrived. He said, Yep, it's the starter. He hooked my car up. I declined to ride with him, being closer to home where I was. I called my second friend and she came to pick me up and bring me here. And just now, this very second, I got a call from the mechanic that not only is it the starter, but that they have almost finished installing it, and my car will be back to me by this evening. YAY! Hooray!

Not what I had anticipated with my day, but honestly if my car had to absolutely stop working, it picked a great location and time. A very safe place with my kids accounted for. It actually works out perfectly. Even while I was waiting, I was feeling grateful that it wasn't under other circumstances. I also felt good that I had such good friends who were willing to jump right in with whatever I needed. This is when my investment in friendship really pays off.

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