Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nine Days to Go!!

"Cake is a sometimes food, cake is a sometimes food." That's what the mom says on Phineas and Ferb while she's trying to avoid cutting a beautiful, fresh cake. It always makes my daughters laugh. "Look, Mom, it's you!" They think they're so clever. Just because I really, really like cake...

In fact, I like it so much that I went out and bought a delicious one today. Just because. Walking into the bakery, I was thinking that my motto should be, Cake is an everyday food! Which may not be the worst idea ever. A little wine, a little cake, a little giving, a little work, a little yoga... every day. I wanted to buy some of their petit fours and freeze them to have on hand for little treats on those long days. But they were out of the chocolate ones -- which are clearly the only kind worth the effort.

So instead I bought a whole cake. It's called Triple Cream Chocolate, and it's three delectable layers stacked up with different flavors of butter cream icing between them: mocha, chocolate, and praline. The whole thing is enrobed in rich, dark ganache and topped with more buttercream. It is so yummy! The tiniest slice is plenty because it is extremely rich and flavorful. I'm going to slice it up and freeze it.

(When J was little, she thought that the lyrics to Row, Row Your Boat said "Life is buttercream." That always made me laugh.)

I also bought a bottle of imported French champagne. I put the bottle along with two sparkling glasses on our dining room table. Now I'll see it as I go in and out and about my days. It and the cake are waiting there for nine more days -- to celebrate my coming good news!

The words are cast
My past is past
It's time to set me free

When my letters are glimpsed
You'll be fully convinced
To remove all limits from me.

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